The Wannabe Housewife

I am: Sewer, behind-the-wheel singer, once-upon-a-time writer, stickler for grammar, avid reader, knitter, sporadic blogger, fidgeter, lover of glue and paper, glitterphobic, appreciator of art and words and how the two can be used together or against one another, friend to animals large and small, undeniably short, alarmingly quiet, easy to love, player of dress-up, pirate that doesn’t do anything, in love with food and tastes and textures, kitty mommy.

I make: Costumes, bags, accessories, clothes, good food, harmonies, cleaning supplies, and messes.

I hate: The messes I make, cold rooms, eating in dim light, driving in silence, raw onions and tomatoes, not knowing what to write about.


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