Wonder Clips

I can’t recall if I’ve talked about Wonder Clips before.  I would be equally surprised if I had and if I hadn’t.  Because for the former, I’m forgetful, and for the latter, they’re just so freaking awesome.

I was introduced to Wonder Clips by my friend ArtisticEdition because she is, frankly, the coolest person in the world.  And also on top of the latest advances in quilting notions by virtue of her workplace.  So she gave me the opportunity to get my hands on these babies before a lot of other people could (ie, before they hit the shelves at places like Jo-Ann) and I was immediately in love.  And this was, like, three years ago, so I’m way overdue in blogging about them.

I was reminded of their awesomeness on a recent project I worked on.  I was replacing the zipper on a winter coat.  If you’ve ever put in a zipper, you know that pinning frankly isn’t a very good option.  Pins warp things, especially zipper placement (or maybe that’s just me).  And in a winter coat, pins can’t even begin to be an option.  I would have U-shaped pins by the time I was done.  Wonder Clips, however, refuse to shy away from the task at hand.  See for yourself:

Ooooh, aaahhh…

No buckling, no bending, no warping.  The zipper is held in place exactly where I need it and every single layer is held tightly.  My only complaint about Wonder Clips is that they aren’t magnetic.  When I sew, I like to be able to throw my pins in the general direction of my magnetic pin “cushion”, instead of slowing down to get them in their home or leave a mess to clean up later (I already do enough of that).  But, really, the pros of the Wonder Clips far out-weigh that con.

So, there you have it… Wonder Clips.  As in, “wonder how I ever sewed this long without them” clips.  You can find them now at Jo-Ann for sure, and probably Hancock and Hobby Lobby, maybe even Michaels.  Quilt shops will most definitely have them.  But if you get them at Jo-Ann when the quilt notions are half off, they are a steal.  And don’t bother with the 10-pack.  Go with the 50, even if only just to get the case.  At least then there’s something to throw in the general direction of…


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