Go Home, Puncher, You’re Drunk

I’ve been working on this embroidery project for a friend, and for the most part it’s gone swimmingly (have I mentioned lately how vastly superior my new machine is from my old one?).  I’ve had the pleasure of stitching out funky little animals like this guy:

And I’m using this particular picture specifically as an example of what most embroidery designs look like before they get cleaned up.  Jumps are expected.  It happens.  And usually they aren’t that bad to clean up.  Usually.

Meet Lion:

I am reasonably certain that the puncher who created this lion was drunk.  Seriously?  The fuck?

I’m not sure what the reasoning behind this was, but every time I started a color, the design would lock the stitch on one side of the design and then move across to the other side to actually start embroidering.  On top of all that, this design (and its fellow holiday themed buddy) had twice as many thread changes as their secular friends.  I’m pretty sure for no other reason than to be jerks.

All in all, though, the project has been great.  I can’t wait to see the magic that unfolds when my embroidery gets into the hands of the master.


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