Crutch Words?

I recently read this list on “crutch words”.  I would say that for the most part I agree, and I’m also trying to be more aware of my use of them.  I know some people who rely heavily on crutch words, and it makes me cringe a little.  But there is one phrase on that list that I really need to disagree with…

It is what it is.

I’m sure there are some times when I’ve used it rather flippantly, but I use that phrase and its sister “It will be what it will be” very deliberately.

For me, that phrase is somewhat zen.  They say that you can’t always control the situation, but you can control your reaction to it.  To say “It is what it is” is a reminder that you can’t always change the way things are or the way they will be, but you can work to make the best of it.

There is another saying we’ve been using at work lately.  We have some shit coming up–shit that will last exactly six weeks–and no one is going to really enjoy it much.  But we keep saying, “Anyone can do anything for six weeks.”

I know sometimes it can be easier said than done, but a lot of life is mind over matter.  Obviously since I’ve been dealing with depression for half my life I’ve had a time remembering this myself, but I would have to say that “It is what it is” is a rather new addition to my vocabulary.  And probably something I’ll keep saying, regardless of what some article online might say.


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