“Pics or it Didn’t Happen”

That’s what my sister said when I cleaned out my truck.

My truck has been a point of shame for the last five years.  I moved and some stuff never moved out of my truck.  Some stuff was there before I moved.  A lot of stuff was added after I moved.  It became a running joke, but one that deep down was more embarrassing than funny.

One thing I can say is that it never got so bad that a window was covered.

The toilet paper was in there less than a week.  It wasn’t toilet paper that I “needed”; rather, Rocketdog bought it, decided her toilet didn’t like it, and I bought her kind to trade with her.  Moving on.

An hour, two trash bags, one load of laundry (a bathrobe, snow pants, a dress, a tshirt, and sundry socks and arm warmers), and a couple arm loads later I had this:

I know, right?  Now I just gotta find a home for all the stuff I brought inside (which is, truthfully, the reason I put it off as long as I did). 😦



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