Handling headphones

Since I started running, my headphones and I have had a pretty intimate relationship.  And nothing strains that relation quite like having to detangle them over and over and over.  So I went to the interwebs for a solution, and the interwebs delivered in spades.  I’ve made up a little photo essay on how to keep your buds in check:

Start by embracing the rawk and throwing some horns.  Use your middle two fingers to hold the ear phones.

Start wrapping the cord around your first and pinky fingers in a figure eight.

Keep wrapping until you’ve got about 8 inches of cord left.

Wrap the end of the cord around the center of the figure eight, and tuck the post in place.  And holy crap my hands are dry.  Sorry.  Gross.

Release the loops from your fingers and you’ve got yourself a tangle-free solution.  Simply pull on the ear phone end when you want to undo the winding.

Hope this little tip helps you as much as it helped me.


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