Why Didn’t I Think of That?


Mason Jar as Immersion Blender Container slash Drinking Vessel.

Or, rather, I did think of it, but why didn’t I think of it sooner?  Let’s get one thing straight: I love my stick blender (seen in the background of the above picture).  It’s no Vitamix, but it fits my purposes just fine.  My only complaint?  The blending cup it came with.  Awhile ago I started noticing cracks in it.  Then a couple blendings ago I picked up the cup and what I’d just blended was leaking out the bottom.  Not in vast quantities, but enough to save me the hassle of washing it out, since the cup made its way into the trash once I transferred the contents to a glass.

So I was bummed.  Bummed and wanting a smoothie.  Our neighbor had just given me a bunch of cucumbers, and I wanted to make this.  But, alas, I had nothing to blend in.  I almost pulled out my pyrex measuring cup, which I’m sure would have been fine, when the back of my brain hearkened to images of people drinking out of mason jars.  Then it hit me: the opening to one of the jars I had just sitting on the stove top collecting dust was big enough for the blender to fit in.

So blend I did.  And I gotta tell you, it’s way better than the mixing cup that came with the blender.  For starters, it’s glass, which means it’s heavier.  I can step away and leave the blender in the glass and not be worried I’m going to have smoothie on the floor in a second.  It’s also not likely to crack under the pressure of doing its job.  And thirdly, the bottom is rounded into the jar a little, which actually makes it a lot easier to get everything blended.  With the old cup, there would often be a blender blade sized chunk of stuff that didn’t get blended unless I stirred everything part way through.  The dome pushes everything just right to make sure it all gets blended.  Awesome.

I could also get a bunch of jars, mix up a bunch of smoothies, and cap them and freeze them to have handy.  Or I can blend sauces and cap them up.  Seriously, the mason jar thing is pretty genius.


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