Supporting small business: Do me a favor?

My friend Nicholas has a couple more days to raise money on IndieGogo for his company Sapone Soap Co.

He’s thrown in a bunch of incentives for people who donate, so if my asking isn’t enough, perhaps that will entice you.

From the fundraiser page, here’s why Nick is looking for help:

I love making and creating Organic soaps and skin care products. They are allergen free and I use only the purest and most natural ingriedents and essential oils. The new skin care line I am creating will be amazing and will be called Joseph Nicolas. I am creating recipes that will be friendly for cancer patients and those with sensitive skin needs.

Because I am currently on disability and because I was a student for 4 years, I barely make enough to pay the monthly bills. So, I am now trying to revive the soap company and make it so that I can be self sufficiant, get off disability and create wholesome, green and natural products for the whole family!

Most of the funds will be used to buy the oils and supplies needed to make the soaps. I have also figured in the new artwork and design fees as well as the website and shopping cart feature.

I will also need to purchase a small tent in order to do outdoor craft fairs and also a cpl tables. I will also need an iPad in order to maintain inventory, recipes and also to process payments through Square. A Point of Sale system would be over $4000 but now because of Apple, the Ipad and Square… POS is now obsolete!

So please do consider donating even just a dollar.  You’ll be my favorite person ever.



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