Use What You Have Meal

Sooo… Shrinks are expensive, yo.  And I’m not 100% sure how to make the best of it, so I’m freaking out about the cost right now.  Just a little.  Pretty soon I’ll have hit my health insurance deductible, and it will be much easier sailing.  Until then, I’ve tightened up my purse strings, and I’ve decided that since I don’t actually have a lot of expenses, there isn’t really anywhere to cut but my grocery bills. I also have a cupboard full of stuff that could be eaten and I just haven’t known what to do with it…

Enter SuperCook.

I had a crap load of lentils sitting around from a soup project awhile ago.  I entered lentils as an ingredient, and out popped a list of recipes, including this one.  I followed the recipe to a tee (okay, except for the part where I forgot to turn the heat down toward the end and I needed to add twice as much liquid to make up for the fact that most of it boiled away).  In lieu of the actually recipe (I don’t think it’s fair to post it since I didn’t alter anything), I’ll post some in-progress and final result photos as well as some ways I like to eat it.




This is the recipe as-is.  It makes a lot, and I’ve been eating it for the last week or so.  I don’t always eat it like this, though.  I like to spread it out by adding some frozen corn before heating it.  I’ve also eaten it with a little added butter and seasoned salt.  I’m not a salt eater, but I think this recipe could use a tiny bit more flavoring.  I haven’t come up with what flavors it needs, but until I do I’ll add a little extra salt.


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