How Do They Do That?

(This is a post I wrote for the Minnesota Society of Costumers HotDish, I am cross-posting here because I think it’s worth sharing with as many people as possible.  If you enjoy dressing up and also enjoy serious benefits and discounts, you might consider a MNSoC Membership.  If you get in on it before 11:59PM Central on 7/31/12, you’ll get $5 off single or double memberships, which is pretty rad.)

If you haven’t checked out Geek & Sundry yet, you probably should.  I mean, I’m not one to tell you what to do–we’re all different and have different tastes–but the site, I think, is total nerd heaven and has a little something for everyone.  But I found something that not only completely blew me away in regards to how awesome the folks at G&S are, but also gave some really great insight into the mind of a costumer.

First things first, watch this:

A whole lot of fun, right?  Not only did they produce a really cute and entertaining video (with some pretty big names to boot), but they then made a video with the costumer on how she made the costumes.

They totally didn’t need to do that, but I think they understand that geeks want to know everything they can about everything they can, and by sharing these details they really brightened my day.

And now I want to do a bunch of hand-drawn costumes.

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