Breakfast for a Week

I was on vacation this week, which was pretty much the most amazing thing ever.  Have I ever mentioned how much I really like not being at work?  Among all the things I got accomplished, the only thing I’m currently able to blog about (lack of remotely decent pictures for the rest… they’re coming…) is my plan for breakfast over the next week…


There are a lot of advantages I can think of to making a week’s worth of breakfasts at once… Having more time in the morning is a great reason.  Dishes is a huge advantage–I made 15 Eggies omelets and only washed 6 Eggies, which is pretty rad.  Saving water is another one, less dishes, only boiling one pot of water… You’ve gotta be sure that you like eating the same thing every day, but really, this method could be switched up enough that even if you’re making the same thing doesn’t mean it needs to have the same ingredients.

However, because I’ve only got so much stuff on hand–I’m trying to use what I have, more on that another day–this week’s Eggies omelets are all exactly the same.  Here’s how I made them (they’re not all that different from these, but I’ve modified my methods a little).


  • 9-10 eggs
  • 30 frozen asparagus stalks
  • Parmesan cheese

 The Deets

Break up your asparagus into the cups.  I’ve actually found that with the Eggies omelets (and possible all scrambled Eggies, but I haven’t tested just eggs) you don’t need to oil the cups.  This is awesome because it saves a little time and a fraction of calories.


Break four eggs into a cup and add Parmesan cheese (I’d say about a tablespoon if you’re into measuring–and remember, that tbsp is spread out over 6 Eggies) and whisk with a fork.


Pour egg mixture into Eggies up to the seam line (the line where the top and bottom halves meet).  Screw on cap.  Boil in a big pot of water until there is no more liquid egg inside.  After cooked, let Eggies sit until cooled enough to handle (you can speed this up by putting them in the fridge).  Pop them out into a large bag and repeat until you have a weeks worth of Eggies.

When you’re ready to eat, take out as many as you want (I eat three–It’s about 2 eggs worth, but a little less as I stretched 9 eggs over 15 Eggies) and pop them in the microwave for about a minute.  Only cook them long enough to take the chill off, but not long enough to let them explode.



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