Walk in my Garden

It’s been a long while since I shared photos from my garden.  We’ve got quite a few flowers in bloom right now, so it seemed a good time to go out and snap.


This hibiscus was inches from death two summers ago.  I got it our first year in our house, and my mom took it over the winter because she thought she had more room/light to take care of it.  Unfortunately, she never watered it.  We brought it home, pretty sure we’d have to dump it, but we watered it, talked to it, fertilized it…  Last summer it got its leaves back, which was promising, but I was still afraid it would never bloom again.  Until last week.  I stepped outside, and there was a yellow bud.  That afternoon it turned into a giant bloom.  It’s had four flowers now, and doesn’t show signs of stopping.  I’m thrilled.


Phlox from the cabin.  Daisies from our former renter.  The lilies in the back of the photo are about to bloom, but what’s significant about them is that some of them are taller than I am.  That kind of freaks me out every time I see them.


Okay, admittedly, this photo is mostly weeds.  But those snap dragons in there?  Those are the mutant seeds of three generations of snap dragons.  The next time I have a garden–an actual flower garden, not… this–I’m going to plant a crap load of snap dragons and let them go to seed each year.  It’s really fun to watch the seeds make fun new color combinations.  This year we had a pink dragon with a yellow center.  The original set of dragons were burgundy, yellow, and white.  SCIENCE!


This is my black-eyed susan vine, 2.0.  The first one absolutely 100% died during the unfortunate winter of death.  I found some seeds and replanted in the same hanging pot.  This plant is so damn frustrating.  Every year it looks like it’s on death’s door.  Then a week later it explodes into green and yellow and orange!  It’s a bit of a monster.


Lastly… I am aware that these are technically weeds.  I’m also aware that I should probably kill the shit out of them, since they’re invasive.  But they add a little privacy to the fence, and the flowers make me happy, so it stays.

There’s some stuff in the front too…  Some day lilies, a crap load of hostas…  And a balloon flower that’s actually quite pretty, but after a run of 100º days, it was looking a little worse for wear.  It is my dream to someday gather up a gillion perennials and do a bunch of planning involving growing seasons.  Then I’ll fill my yard with flowers that will fill my yard with color 3/4 of the year.  And I’ll never have to do anything with them again, because they’ll just keep going like the troopers they are.

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