Semi-Live-Blogging the Clean-Up

12:05 Stare at the mess and say “It’s okay… It’s okay… Just pick something to start with.

12:25 I wonder what’s going on in the interwebs.  Three bins are empty, but I feel like I’m just putting things from one bin into another. 20 minutes is way too soon to begin to get myself down.

1:02 Sneeze uncontrollably.  Should probably stop digging around due to allergies.  Or, you know, go get a generic Zyrtec….  Decide to pop some pills and take a short nap while they set in.

1:45 Back to work, continue to stare at the mess, not knowing how to deal with it.  Pick at it pathetically.

2:00 Realize that I some point I sliced my leg open, probably on a ruler.  This is dangerous work, folks.


Only the fresh one. The rest are from the cat, cuz he’s kind of a jerk.

2:07 Find a Quarter.  At least the day has been profitable, if not productive.

2:11 Find Hello Kitty Pirate Pen.  I almost feel like I should quit while I’m ahead.  The day can only go downhill from that.

2:14 Found a live spider.  What did I tell you?

2:24 Just discovered my banana paper and a good chunk of my photos from Costa Rica were brutally murdered in the great basement flood of 2011.  Also a drawing and a story I wrote in high school.  I guess it makes it easier to decide what to keep and what to throw :/

3:00 Calling it quits for the day.  This isn’t really harder than I thought it would be, but it’s more than my brain can handle right now.  I really just don’t know what to do with anything, and I’m contemplating throwing everything away or selling it in a garage sale.  I truly wish I were kidding.  Right now that isn’t sounding so bad, really.


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