Monthly Challenges: UFO Progress and May

So…. Yeah.  It’s not pretty.  I think we all knew I wouldn’t advance very far on my list.  But in case you were super curious, here’s the final result of two months:
  • Partlet  To my horror (delight), I discovered that this wasn’t actually cut out, and therefore not a UFO.  So it’s automagically off my list.
  • Big totes
  • Felt bags
  • Messenger bag
  • Floral skirt
  • Bird skirt
  • Teal place mats
  • Frog tote
  • Bird tote
  • Panda tote
  • Floral cozy
  • Repair cozies
  • Pads
  • Autumn place mats
  • Boxers
  • Coffee tote
  • Skull tote
  • Yellow bag
  • Pot holders
  • Nelephants
  • Fix peace necklace
  • Corduroy skirt
  • Fix wrap skirt
  • Sushi cozies
  • Black floral cozies
  • Iron out cat and black floral wallets
  • Green wrap pants
  • Fix brown tote
  • Republican cozy
  • Six onesies
  • Sundress muslin
  • Animal tote
  • Patriotic place mats
  • Strawberry tote
  • Green peace tote
  • Blue flowers tote
  • Clocks tote
  • Turquoise stripes tote
  • Red peace tote
  • Blue paisley tote
  • Pink flowers tote
  • Brown flowers tote
  • Pink stripes tote
  • Vinyl bag
  • Finish brown pants
  • Coasters
  • Lemon bag
  • Blue bag

May’s challenge had better be successful, or I may give up on challenges all together so I stop feeling like a damn failure.  And May’s challenge is….

Making that not that.  (That is the sexiest grammar you will ever gaze upon, so soak it in while you can)

It is time once an for all to tackle the mess (understatement) that is my sewing area.  I really think my lack of progress was in very large part to the state of the dungeon.  I literally have room to turn my chair from side to side, and that’s it.  It’s got to end.  In the process I’ll pitch whatever UFOs I deem don’t make the cut.  I will also be gathering up any costumes or costume supplies I no longer care to own so that I might sell them in a MNSoC garage sale toward the end of the month.

If for some reason I succeed with time to spare, I have a couple extra things that need cleaning, but I refuse to mention them out loud. If I get to them, awesome, but if I don’t, and you know what they are, I’ll feel like I’ve failed.  Even though I said they were extra credit.  Yes, I was one of those kids that felt extra credit was mandatory.  What of it?


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