Let’s play a game!

It’s called: Can DK remember what she was going to say about this when she took the pictures a few weeks ago and promptly forgot about them‽ (Side note, I just had a major SQUEE at being able to put an interrobang into my post.)

So, let’s begin.  Awhile back I got this message for eggs baked in an avocado.  The link is here if you are so inclined to try it, but frankly I was disappointed, and even though I documented it in photos, I will not be sharing it.

However, while I was making it and documenting it, I had the foresight to make and document something that didn’t leave me feeling “meh.”  It’s another off-the-wall smoothie recipe, but it’s a good one and quite filling at that.

In this smoothie, I used the avocado that I excavated from the shell to make room for the eggs.  Next time, however, I’ll just use the whole avocado.

We need to gather our cast of characters:

  • 1 banana
  • 1 avocado
  • 1 handful frozen strawberries (thaw for a few seconds in the microwave if your blender is wussy)
  • 1 handful frozen blueberries (even wussy blenders should be able to handle these)
  • Enough milk to give you your desired viscosity
  • Sweetener of your choice to taste
  • 1 packet of TrueLime (optional, but I pretty much don’t make smoothies without it anymore)

Yes, my kitchen is messy... You'll get over it.

Just in case I need to give instructions with this:

Pile all those ingredients into a blender or cup for immersion blender.  Blend.  Drink.  Enjoy.  I may add a little spinach next time and really boost the nutritional value to 11.


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