Amused and Inspired

I’ve been a fan of Ellen DeGeneres pretty much as long as I can remember.  I don’t really think she’s ever done anything I’ve been disappointed in.  Whenever I’ve tuned into her talk show, I’ve been pretty thoroughly amused.

I am also a fan of Kristen Bell.

And a fan of people who cry for more ridiculous reasons than I do.

So I have to admit that I am pretty amused by this video:

And after watching that… A number of times… and wiping tears of laughter from my eyes, I started clicking the other videos off to the side, and I ran into this one:

And I just have to say that I am so damn proud of JC Penney.  It’s a store I’ve shopped at my entire life, and I am so glad that they didn’t do anything to disappoint me.  I mean, not like I have any real power, I’m just running out of places I can shop because the people that run them are douche canoes.  So, YAY!


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