Month of Writing: Entry 2

Name something you lost or gave away that can never be replaced.

Date written 11/3/11

Not once, but twice I lost the best pen in the world.  My old stand-by, the Pentel R.S.V.P. pen, is great and all, but this pen was beautiful, perfectly weighted, and had amazing ink flow.  The pen was a promotional item from Olympus.  I generally don’t care for things that have company names emblazoned on them, so that should speak volumes to the awesomeness that was the Olympus pen.  It was deep slate blue with a hint of a metallic finish.  It was a capped pen made from a weighty metal.  I looked forward to the day that I could go buy a refill for it and use it forever and ever and ever.

I received the pen the first time when I borrowed it from The Hippy and promptly informed him he wasn’t getting it back.  Since this pen is the greatest pen in the whole world, the fact he was willing to part with it is clear proof that he loves me.  I tried to treat it well, keep it safe, but a fateful trip to the grocery found my beloved pen (AND my favorite notebook, another thing I’ve never been able to exactly replace) left behind in a shopping cart.

I begged The Hippy to see if there were more pens.  He got it at work and was dubious about finding more.  But find more he did.  Two more, in fact, and brought them both home.  His and hers pens.  Which we promptly both lost to the house that eats prized possessions for breakfast.  It’s somewhere in the house, of that much I am sure.  When it will turn up is another matter entirely.


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