Quitcher Bitchin’

I’m going to take a second out of my normal routine to vent about businesses.  Not all business, of course, but the ones that refuse to take responsibility for their own company’s performance.

Case in point:

In case you don’t see what I see, I’ll make it clearer:

“…as the bank said profits were weighed down by a sluggish economy and a new federal law that caps debit card fees.”

Or it could be that in the midst of this sluggish economy and new laws, TCF chose to not only roll out new fees for pretty much everything–I would suspect even breathing–but also neglected to inform their customers in any practical way.  Most people I know found out because it was in the news.  Which does hit a lot of people, but not necessarily customers.  They have shysty practices in place to get as much money as quickly as possible at any cost, which is driving away business.  People are closing their accounts in droves, and it’s not because of the economy or laws.  People need to still bank.  They will always bank.  But people are opting to get away from businesses that care more about the profits than the customers.  And yes, profits are important.  Profits are what make life go round, but as you can see, there is a point where aiming for too much profit will actually send you into the red.

Another recent example is when The Hippy was in the need for some car repair.  One particular problem was with his heating.  It was a known problem for that particular car, according to the manufacturer’s repair people.  And it would cost $500 to fix.  To the interwebs!  A quick look at wikihow or youtube or something showed The Hippy exactly how to fix it with a $10 part.  I’m pretty sure it took him less than an hour.  He would have been more than happy to pay someone, say, $50 to repair it, but because of their greed, they lost not only that one sale, but all sales for life.  The Hippy will never go back to them.

At what point do we start saying enough is enough?


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