Damn, son!

Sooo… I’m not entirely sure what happened to October, but November sneaked* up on me something fierce.

If you’re keeping tabs, you know that I’ve been giving myself monthly challenges since August.  The August challenge was perhaps the most successful in terms of actually doing something 100%, but September and October certainly served their purposes.

This month I challenged myself to get rid of 5 things for every day of the month.  That’s 155 things out of my house.  What probably made this month even remotely successful was that my parents decided to throw a spur-of-the-moment garage sale.  I had two days to get as much stuff out of my house as possible.

Bet you can’t guess which two days those were…  By my final count I come up with 149.  Normally I would say that tomorrow I’ll get rid of 6 things to make up the difference, but the actual count is far, far higher than 149.

That day that has 50?  That number could probably easily be tripled.  I went through my big craft bin and one of my fabric closets to prep for the garage sale.  But instead of individually pricing things, I put items in bags together and marked the bags.  I counted each bag as one “item”.  I had 24 bags with 3-6 pieces of fabric.  Even if I pretend it was only 3 items in each bag, that’s still 72 things.  I also had about 20 bags of craft supplies, so factor in all those multiples too.  I easily came up with 155 in that one evening alone.  So honestly?  I’m not sweating the final number.

But the humbling part of this month is that it doesn’t seem like I’ve even made a dent in the vast amount of stupid shit I own.  I still never got around to cleaning out my truck (and now will once again probably have to wait half a year because they’re already talking snow) and I still have three bins of fabric and another fabric closet to go through.  My clothes, though, are pretty solid.  And I have a plan that came from this that will result in finally getting The Hippy’s clothes off the floor.

So now that October is well and truly behind us, it’s time to start a new challenge.  According to the list, it’s supposed to be listing something on Etsy every day.  And frankly, I’m not feeling it.  So, I’m going to jump ahead to July and use that one.  I will answer a writing prompt from TomSlatin.com, Squidoo, Can Teach and JournalingPrompts.com, and post them all here.  I may not post every day, since there are just some days I’m not on the computer for anything longer than to catch up on email.  They may get posted over the course of a few months.  Who knows.  But I am going to make a notebook to write in, with the prompts written down.  I’ll do that tonight since I have to keep myself awake–long story.

I’ve had a few people tell me that I’ve made them jealous of my ability to “do stuff.”  And frankly, since I’m a virgo I tell them they’re silly and that I’m hardly being successful but that they could “do stuff” too.  I’m not some magical genius for coming up with these challenges.  I’m just a weirdo that needs motivation.  And it seems others need motivation too, so I’m going to challenge YOU.  Come up with just one monthly challenge for yourself.  It doesn’t need to be huge, just do something you don’t normally do.  And tell me what your plan is in those comment thingies down there.

*Incidentally, I am wholeheartedly a sayer of “snuck” but figured I should class it up for the sake of my blog.  Why I decided to start now, I may never know.

One thought on “Damn, son!

  1. Wow! 5 things a day? I wish I could do that. Maybe I can, but, it’s intimidating. I’m 21 but I have a surprisingly large hoard of stuff. Mostly paper. I like to hoard memories. It’s hard for me to decide how to compile them. Also, I hoard art supplies. And it’s so hard to decide what to get rid of, because I never know what I’ll want to use to make something. Seems like I never have time to use those things up. I might try that some month anyhow. It’s just hard to know what I’d regret getting rid of.

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