I totally cheated

When I said I gave up sweets, I don’t mean to say I gave up sweet.  My problem was candies and cookies and less sugar in general.  So I still used jelly on my toast.  I still drank chocolate milk.  I still consumed artificial sweeteners.  I still drank milkshakes.

Wait, what?

Maybe you’ve seen around the interwebs everyone and their brother making “ice cream” out of frozen bananas.   Seriously, it’s everywhere.  Anyway, it’s great, but it’s hard on my stick blender.  It always starts to get that hot motor smell.  Yum.  So I decided to start adding milk to make a milkshake.  It’s a great snack before or after a run or as a late night snack, as I’m having now.

Tonight, though, I decided I needed to kick it up and try something different.  You may also have noticed the blogosphere making green smoothies.  I remembered having some spinach puree in the freezer (for pesto, I prefer spinach to basil), so I decided to throw some in:

Spinach shards, banana, milk (and not readily noticable, sugar-free vanilla syrup)

I popped the banana and spinach in the microwave for 30 seconds just to take the iciness off, but still leave the chill.  Then I blended the bejezuz out of it:

Looks insane, tastes insaner.  In a good way.  So all the bloggers say you “can’t taste the spinach”.  I was skeptical, but I actually love spinach, so I didn’t really care either way if you could.  I’d like it on record that you cannot, in fact, taste the spinach.  So do this.  Do this now.  Add some greens into your day.  I think my next step will be to throw some oatmeal in there.  A meal in a minute.

And now… A gratuitous cat in a shirt picture..  Ignore the flipped over rug.  Dragon’s nickname was more appropriate than we realized: Draggy.

PS: He didn’t like it one bit.


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