Nearly September

And, no, I’m not going to write a “back to school” post like every other blogger in the world because 1: I don’t have kids, 2: I’m not in school.  September is important for me for a number of reasons.  Most importantly this year:

Picture from

I can eat sweets again.  I’m giving myself some rules, though, because despite than literally dreaming about eating chocolate (which is interesting that it was always chocolate since that isn’t, as it were, “my Waterloo”), this experiment has been wildly successful.

I took my measurement shortly after August began, and while I’m not going to post them here, I can safely say that my BFA (Not Bachelor of Fine Arts, more like Big, Fat…..) is one inch smaller than it was a month ago.  My thighs and waist are about a half inch smaller.  This is despite the fact that my running this month has been really limited with having a funked up work schedule.

Ultimately, sweets need to be for special occasions.  No sweets at work unless it’s a potluck day.  Frankly, I usually don’t like the sweet available (except for what’s in the magic office drawer), I just eat them because they’re there.  I will probably also have to say no eating candy at home.  Ice cream is never off limits, because I truly enjoy ice cream.  Always.  I’ve never been disappointed by ice cream.

What it comes down to is that I need to learn to eat what I enjoy, not just because its there.  And that’s sort of what all this has been about.  (PS: I do have a deep and undying love for Cocoa Peeps, hence the picture.  I can’t wait to dig in.)


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