Yet another reason…

…why I’m not likely to ever fit into the blogging world.  I realized that I could never give into the endorsement thing because I do NOT buy national brands.  So unless Aldi wants to start endorsing me, I’m not likely to be posting any “This post is paid for by…” blogs any time soon.  That is, however, not what this post is about.

There is something noticeably lacking from the blogging world.  Noticeably, that is, if you’re looking for it.  This is the part of the show where I drop the bomb (or perhaps not, who knows) that I’m an atheist.  I haven’t believed in a god for over a decade, and I’m not likely to start believing again any time soon.  That’s just the way it is; I try not to make a huge fuss about it; it doesn’t run the DK show or anything.

Don’t get me wrong; there are atheist blogs.  But they are all atheism, all the time.  Which I find to be a total snooze-fest.  However, I have yet to find a single crafter/sewer/cooker/atheist blog.  Maybe I could be the first, but I doubt it.  Every blog I read seems to have these giant “about my life with Christ” pages, and it’s starting to turn me off.  Not because I think less of Christians, but because it makes me feel so freaking alone.

I read today a blogger saying that she knows part of her readership disagrees with her faith, so I’m obviously not the only atheist who enjoys cooking and sewing and crafting.  The rest just aren’t talking about it.  People hate atheists, so it doesn’t surprise me that people wouldn’t want to talk about it.  You have a much better chance of keeping your readers if you talk about your walk with God than you do talking about being irreligious.  It’s all about marketing.  And I am obviously not at all interested in good press.

But I had to go out on this little limb and get it off my chest.  It’s part of who I am, but it’s not all of who I am.  It feels stupid to feel alone when reading blogs, but I never could quite put my finger on why I was getting so bored whenever I read my RSS feed.  Why I’d culled a good chunk of the people I followed a few months ago.  Then I did a google search for atheist crafter blogs and atheist food blogs.  Nada.  And it made me a little sad.

So I put out a request.  If you know of a good blog that doesn’t talk about god EVER, has great recipes, great crafting tutorials… Let me know.


7 thoughts on “Yet another reason…

  1. I am so glad someone shares my feelings on this! I have been searching as well. Nothing found. I get sucked into these crafty blogs, happily reading away and that one sentence pops up “I am so blessed or god guides me” or whatever it is. I have no problem with religion but I am purely reading these fantastic blogs for thief tips and tutorials, not about their faith. I wish there were crafty food making blogs out there that dont involve faith.

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  3. I just found you blog by googling “crafty atheists”. 🙂 I’m a crafty atheist myself and I’m with you! I love the online sewing communities but sometimes religion just oozes out of them and I feel awkward. You aren’t alone 🙂

  4. I know I’m late to the party here but wanted to share that I found you by searching for atheist crafter. I too become tired of the constant proselytizing from the otherwise wonderful blogs out there.

  5. Hey Girl. I’m late to the party as well but total atheist crafty artist here and there is a FB group for artistic atheists. I belong but I haven’t been on FB for ages. If I find the link I’ll let you know. I agree about other atheist blogs. I just want to find fellow atheists who enjoy the same things I do without having to constantly yak on about how there isn’t a god. I just recoil every time I’m in a group or on a blog and they have to go on and on about their religion. Uggh. Anyhoo, cheers to a fantastic god-free 2016. 🙂

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