All I Want for Christmas

Most people have a Christmas list this time of year.  I come to mine more grudgingly, haphazardly thinking of things, usually at the last minute.  I kind of hate asking people to get me things.  I’m weird.

I thought for a little holiday meme, I would make up a fantasy list.  The things you can’t find under the Christmas tree (which The Hippy and I never got around to putting up this year.  Oops.).


Carbon Leaf


Great Big Sea

Jump, Little Children


A concert with these three bands.  Virtually impossible since Jump, Little Children disbanded some time ago.  Still, it would be amazing and a dream come true.



St. John's, Newfoundland


All expense paid trip to Newfoundland.  Where I would go out on an ice burg cruise and look for whales.  Even though the idea of seeing a whale in person terrifies the poo out of me, it’s on my bucket list.  Whilst in Newfoundland I would also expect to see Great Big Sea live.  Even though I will have already seen them with Carbon Leaf and Jump, Little Children.  And I will snorgle a Newfie doggy, even though I am not a huge fan of dogs, especially ones that slobber a lot.  But Newfies are about the cutest things in the world that aren’t kitties.


I can’t come up with a decent picture to describe this, but a Ships & Dip cruise is yet another thing on my bucket list.  Never heard of it?  It’s a cruise ship filled with bands.  Lots and lots of bands.  Among them, historically, has been Carbon Leaf and Great Big Sea, so I’d be 2/3 of the way there.  Also?  Barenaked Ladies.  Which is potentially not as awesome without one of their founding members, but still.  Who doesn’t love their songs?  And being in the Caribbean?  And not being at work for a week.  And not being in Minnesota for a week in FEBRUARY.  This girl, for one.



Sleep Number Bed

Perhaps the most easily obtained item on my list, a monkey-lovin’ Sleep Number bed.  I hate my mattress.  Hate.  The Hippy hates the mattress.  Hates.  We hate it for different reasons.  I think it’s too hard, he thinks it’s too soft.  Our house is not big enough for separate beds or even separate bedrooms.  It would make my life if this were under our (18″) Christmas tree next year.


Feel free to chime in with the crazy stuff you want Santa to bring you.  Cuz if Santa can’t do it, no one can.


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