Obligatory Holiday Post

It’s Thanksgiving, and that means you shouldn’t be reading blogs, so hopefully you have an RSS feeder (like Bloglines or Google Reader) that will keep this post warm for you while you enjoy loads of your favorite holiday foods (I shant mention turkey, for I have a dear friend with a poultry allergy, and the poor dear has to suffer through lobster on Thanksgiving).

I thought I would do something uncharacteristically cheesy.  I thought I would post what I’m thankful for.  You won’t get me to do this sort of crap around the Thankgiving dinner table, so don’t even try.

First up, and these are not really in any order except the order in which I thought them up…

El Señor Draggy Pants.  I am equally as thankful for Dragon as I am for the fact that The Hippy let me have a cat in the first place.  I’m thankful that The Hippy loves him as much as I do.  I am, however, not SO thankful that I don’t try my luck on a daily basis and continue to vie for another cat.  A house is not a home without a cat, but a home is not perfect without two (a home with three or more is a little bit crazy, but since my sister and my parents both have three cats within their domiciles, we’ll let it go for now).

My crazy-ass friends (or crazy ass-friends, if that’s how you choose to read it.  I know I do), including, but certainly not limited to the ones in this picture.  It just happened to be the crazy-assist picture I have on my hard drive.  It is my opinion that I’m the most “normal” looking one in that picture…. ahem.  I appear to attract friends that like to name their group: The Wench Posse, The Bottomweights…  No matter what they call themselves, though, they are all awesome and they have all had a hand in turning me into who I am right now.

My family, including, but not limited to, these two.  I have a good family comprised of many weird-ass people.  My sister is my best friend.  My dad is the person who taught me how to be a smart ass.  My mom taught me how to cook and stood by in befuddlement as I learned to sew.  My niece lets me be my weird self and gave me the fantastic nickname Chachi.  My brother-in-law is really good at picking on me and making me laugh until I cry–and being totally embarrassed by me choking in a restaurant.  My boyfriend is the smartest person in the world and can find his way through anything.

That’s certainly not everything, but it’s a start.  I realize it’s a pretty cliche list, but let’s face it… Cliches are cliches for a reason.


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