Green Cleaning–Skin Troubles

I learned something over the past couple weeks: it’s not enough to simply think about what you’re going to blog about.  It’s not enough to take pictures of things while you’re working on them.  You actually have to sit down and do the blogging.  Huh.  Imagine that.

I’ve been contemplating this one for awhile now.  It’s a biggie.  It’s frugal, it’s effective, I think it could benefit everyone.

But I’m not a doctor, so don’t take my word for it, but go ahead and try it anyway, cuz I don’t see how it could hurt….. </disclaimer>

A couple months ago I started taking a supplement that had a major down side of making my face break out like MAD.  A new pimple every day.  It was very upsetting.  Then I started thinking about my old friend Doc Bronner’s.  Remember him?  I use him to clean my bathroom.  Of course my next logical jump from toilet scrubbing was to keeping my face clean (granted, I actually did buy the soap for the purpose of cleaning my face, but of makeup (for costuming, I don’t actually wear makeup like… ever) not breakouts).

Generally my face washing regimen is this: 1. Get my hands wet. 2. Rub wet hands on face. 3. Dry face.  This has actually served me pretty well.  I have “normal” skin, so obviously it would be different if I had super oily skin or chronic acne or something.  Still, I’ve done some reading on the subject and people with acne HAVE greatly benefited from using Dr. Bronner’s.


Wuv, Twue Wuv.



Now my evening regimen (morning is still as described above, unless I forgot the night before) is 1: Wet face. 2. Put two drops of Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Oil liquid Castile soap in hands. 3. Rub on face. 4. Rinse well. 5. Dry face.  Honest to peanuts it works better than any face wash I’ve ever tried.  In high school and college I was using everything I could get my hands on–nothing helped.

So now I’d solved the problem of my face.  But I had another problem on my hands.  For whatever reason (could be a number of things, never important enough to get it checked out) I’ve had an extremely itchy scalp for years.  Dandruff shampoos always made it worse.  I’m not disciplined enough to not scratch my head (because I’m apparently five or something…), so I’d always end up with an irritated scalp.  And guess what the irritated scalp led to…. YUP!  More itchiness!  I’d heard that tea tree oil was helpful.  I’d been waiting for my current shampoo to run out so I could start making my own.  I tried just straight Dr. Bronner’s, but I really didn’t like how it made my hair feel.  Not really greasy… More like… Waxy?

I was getting a little worried that making my own shampoo would be a bust.  Why go through the effort if my hair is just going to feel weird?  And I really didn’t want to rinse with vinegar or any of the other granola “no poo” treatments for your hair (goggle it.  Ha.)  Then it dawned on me to put a few drops of Dr. Bronner’s in my hair along with my current shampoo.

Lo and Behold.

My hair felt clean (one point) and my scalp feels better already (two points).  It’s not perfect, but I’ve only been using this method for a couple weeks.  I don’t wash my hair every day (because it would get WAY too dried out, and I usually only use conditioner to shave my legs, and not on my hair. Yes, I’m weird, but that’s an argument for another post), but if I did it would probably give the tea tree oil a chance to work faster.  Still, I’m very happy with the results.  Happy enough to share with you the plight of my silly little scalp that you probably don’t care one little lick about.

So, long story short, Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap is amazing and it seemingly lasts FOREVER.  I’ve been using this stuff since August for every little thing, and the soap line hasn’t dipped below the top of the label yet (and I have the same bottle pictured above).  Prices are OK on Amazon.  I happened to find my bottle in a store in WI for less than $7 bucks.  Not sure how much it goes for locally, but I’ve been told that was SUPER CHEAP (by the queen of cheap herself).  The next time I have to buy some, though, I will probably get the super giagantor jugs.  Mostly because it would be funny.


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