Recipe Review: Whole grain bagels

I am 100% in love with the whole grain bagels from Panera.  I know they’re calorie dense, but I love them slathered in butter.  And really, $0.99 isn’t a bad deal for a breakfast that fills me up really well, but I’m always looking for ways to save some dough (har. har.)

Google led me to Home Cooking in Montana, which had a recipe that looked promising.  In fact, that recipe is… HERE.

It’s not identical to Panera, but it is growing on me as a viable alternative.  I’m not an expert bagel maker, but this is how mine turned out:

In defense of what is a great recipe, I botched it a bit.  I didn’t have bread flour on hand.  Bad Chelsey.  The Hippy and I make a fair amount of bread, and I’ve always resisted buying the bread flour because it would be one more thing taking up space in our kitchen.  I think, though, I really need to invest in it now.  I think the texture would have been a lot better.  I also didn’t have any butter on hand (I thought I had two sticks, but then suddenly remembered using them up to make zucchini cake), so I had to use “country style spread.”  Yeah.  So there’s that.

In short, I plan on making these again.  With the right ingredients.  Because they make an excellent breakfast, which I’ll share in my next edition.  I can see you shivering with antici–pation.


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