Foot in mouth and head up asshole…

Forgive me for a moment while I get a little political.  I’m not looking to fight with anyone, and I don’t want my blog to be a political blog by any stretch of the imagination, but ever since I met The Hippy, politics have been an unavoidable aspect of my life. Since this blog is about my life, sometimes politics might creep in.

That said, I am a Democrat.  Very little about the Republican ideology makes sense to me.  Scratch that.  I understand why people think the way they do, it just doesn’t resonate as being good for, well, 99% of the populace.

I know there’s crap thrown around from both sides.  I know name-calling, bullying, and all-out ridiculousness is a nonpartisan activity.  I think it needs to stop, for the good of all mankind (not just the American people, because frankly, in this day and age, we all need to freaking get along with each other).  What we don’t need is to start digging at each other for things entirely beside the political point.  Appearance, for example.  What in the hell does someone’s appearance have to do with politics?

From Gawker via I was told there would be bacon:

Seriously, kids, if you’re going to bring politics into it, but you can’t have an intelligent, adult conversation, just bugger off.  If you want to promote being a Republican, try convincing me of how it would be beneficial to the world.  Or if you’re going to go off the political mark, at least play fair and don’t pick all the heavily made-up, stick thin, air-brushed photos for one side and the poorly timed, even more poorly photoshopped pictures for the other.

But, whatever… It was the childish person’s constitutional right to make the video.  It is my constitutional right to call him a dipshit.


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